The Wolds

The Wolds

Village Focus: Nice weather for ducks (and hedgehogs) at Burton Fleming

The winterbourne chalk stream that flows through a handful of Wolds villages and into the North Sea at Bridlington will be alive this weekend to the cheering of children, as some 500 plastic yellow ducks bob downstream.


Two Yorkshire roads named in Britain's top 10 most haunted highways

Two blood-chilling Yorkshire roads have been named in a list of the most haunted routes in the country.
Kiplingcotes derby: All you need to know about Yorkshire's ancient horse race

Kiplingcotes derby: All you need to know about Yorkshire's ancient horse race

The Kiplingcotes derby will not be contested this year after off-roaders caused significant damage to the historic course.
Thixendale in the Yorkshire Wolds

Village focus: Thixendale - as not seen on TV

IT WAS in 1951, with the construction of a 750ft mast in the Home Valley near Huddersfield, that television came to Yorkshire. It was about four years too late to watch the future Queen’s wedding at Westminster Abbey, but in Thixendale, deep within the Wolds, they were kept waiting almost until the nuptials of her youngest son.

A �15m investment has been mooted for the construction of a peas processing plant in Kirkburn.

Major peas plant plans on edge of the Wolds

A co-operative of East Yorkshire farmers has joined forces with a local firm in a bid to build a £15m pea processing and freezing plant.

Working the land on the wolds above Londesborough. Picture: James Hardisty

Village focus: Still hanging on the line - the beauty spot that once had two train stations

IT IS so far off the beaten track that its residents must still use dial-up modems to get on the internet, yet the beautiful East Riding estate village of Londesborough was once the beating heart of a technical revolution.

The classic Yorkshire Wolds valley of Thixendale. PIC: Colin Speakman

The Yorkshire Wolds: Is it the UK’s most under appreciated green gem?

Often said to be the UK’s most under-appreciated area, the Yorkshire Wolds has also largely been ignored by publishers. Now as a major new book redresses the balance, Roger Ratcliffe meets the authors.

Lucie Stephenson runs The Fiddle Drill in Goodmanham. Picture by James Hardisty.

Lucie’s Wolds tearoom idyll is no cake walk

Running a tearoom in the countryside is a dream job for many and a year ago young farmer’s wife Lucie Stephenson opened The Fiddle Drill at Manor Farm in Goodmanham near Market Weighton. It has been an educational, invigorating and at times stressful experience after previous roles including as a product manager at Haribo and marketing manager at Costcutter. Lucie’s happy with what she has achieved so far.

Sue Woodcock enjoyed another busy week.

Wolds Diary: Lessons in wool for the initiated

The weather has been really rather pleasant and my dogs and I have appreciated it. I went to check my friend’s cats on Monday morning and then after a walk with the dogs, during which they were remarkably well behaved, I made it to the rehearsal at Pocklington Singers in the evening. Some of the music we are doing seems rather difficult at least to me, but we worked hard.

The Wolds
Sue Woodcock admired the ruins of Kirkham Priory, situated on the banks of the River Derwent, at Kirkham, North Yorkshire.  Picture by Gary Longbottom.

Wolds Diary: Spring joy of being lost in the countryside

Life has been a little hectic over the last week but I have still had time to enjoy myself. I thought that the ground would be a little less muddy underfoot but I was sadly wrong, and several times this week have returned with the dogs and me in a muddy state.

Rudston Church in East Yorkshire has the tallest free standing monolith in Europe.

Wolds Diary: A singing honour and wildlife delights

I have been out and about a bit this week. On the Sunday I assisted our church warden for the morning service and then headed home and out with the dogs, and managed to avoid any squirrels, pheasants, rabbits or other creatures that set my dogs off in a frenzy.

The Wolds
The Spirit of Yorkshire distillery in Hunmanby, North Yorkshire is set to welcome visitors when it opens on April 17.   Pictures by Richard Ponter.

Yorkshire’s very first whisky distillery set for public opening

Yorkshire’s food and drink scene is already at the heart of what makes our county so great, but a new enterprise promises to give it an entirely new dimension.


Wolds artist’s pet weasel to make TV appearance

A rescued weasel given a fresh lease of life by a Yorkshire wildlife artist is set to appear on television this week.

David Hockney in his home city of Bradford, February 1970

So, just who is the real David Hockney?

There’s a story Christopher Simon Sykes likes to tell about David Hockney. It was the early 1960s and, having just graduated from the Royal College of Art, he moved into a new flat where the bedroom also doubled as his studio. At the end of the small bed, which was squeezed into a corner, was a chest of drawers. “David painted a message rather carefully on the chest of drawers,” says Sykes, who secured unprecedented access to Hockney’s archive, notebooks and paintings to write a two-volume biography of the Bradford-born artist. “It said in large capital letters GET UP AND WORK IMMEDIATELY. As he said: ‘The first thing I saw every morning when I woke up was the sign, and not only did I read the sign but I remembered that I had wasted two hours painting it, so I jumped out of bed’.”

Jim Austin with his collection of 4,000 computers,  in the Yorkshire Wolds. Picture by Simon Hulme

40 years of the personal computer... and how some of the first ended up on a pig farm in Yorkshire

IT LOOKED like a portable TV with the channel knob removed, but 40 years ago this month it began a revolution that changed the way the world worked.

An artist's illustration of Yorkshire's giant, William Bradley.

230 today: William Bradley, 7ft 9in giant of the Yorkshire Wolds

AT NEARLY 8ft tall and weighing 27 stone, William Bradley was a true colossus. They will remember him today in the Yorkshire Wolds on what would have been his 230th birthday.

A deer herd at Studley Royal in North Yorkshire, with red, fallow and sika deer.  Picture: Gary Longbottom

Wolds Diary: Unexpected natural beauties are a special treat in the woods

It has certainly been a better week. This year looks as if it will be fun.

Gill Hodgson at Field House farm, Everingham, with a seasonal sheaf.  Picture: Gary Longbottom

Farm of the Week: Petals complement traditional farming at foot of the Wolds

Carrots, cattle and cornflowers are just three elements that make up what goes on at the 200-acre Field House Farm in Everingham at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.

There was no chance of getting to sleep with the New Year fireworks.  Picture: Tim Richardson

Wolds Diary: Frustrating run of bad luck leaves me all but housebound

I think I must be getting old, and boring. I declined to see the new year in and decided to head for bed at a reasonable hour so I could be up bright and early the next day.

York Minster dominates the skyline over the city.  Picture: Anna Gowthorpe

Wolds Diary: Wolds come alive with walkers

Up to and over Christmas my voice returned and I was able to contribute to some carol singing. The service of the nine lessons and carols went well and then a day later I joined a group form the singers to travel to Beverley tossing carols at the masons Christmas meal. They enjoy it and so do we.

The Wolds
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