Tne Kilmarnock Arms Hotel, where Bram Stoker is said to have begun writing Dracula.

The Scots hotel and castle that ‘inspired’ Dracula

It Is famously set partly in Whitby, where its author, Bram Stoker, went for his summer holidays. But it is not the only location to believe it is the spiritual home of Dracula, and yesterday a hotel in the Scottish Highlands staked a rival claim.

Are there enough police officers on the beat?

GP Taylor: Let police chase burglars instead of paperwork

WITH the release of crime statistics last week, it looks like the only person catching burglars in London is the 
TV chef Jamie Oliver who bravely took on a potential intruder in his family home. Detection rates for crimes are so low across the country it is as though the best way to find a thief is to look yourself.

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