Brexit Vote: Majority of YP readers vote remain in our live EU Referendum poll

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This week The Yorkshire Post asked a question to its readers about the EU Referendum and Brexit.

150 days on, after forecasts of economic doom and gloom from financial and business experts, The Yorkshire Post asked YOU - would you vote Leave or Remain now, in a second EU Referendum.

The results

The results

The results, while academic, were interesting.

The poll, which reached almost four million people, received almost 250,000 reactions as votes.

When the poll was live, 67,362 voted Remain and 15,489 Leave.

On the post to date, a total of 115,796 voted 'Remain' by hitting Like. A total of 53,761 voted 'Leave' by hitting Love - meaning 68% for Remain, 32% for leave.

In the actual vote in June, Leeds voted to leave by a narrow margin - by 50.3% - while in Sheffield, the split was 51/49. Overall, Leave won by 52 to 48%.

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