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4,000 Yorkshire miners entitled to retire today

January 1, 1952

About 4,000 Yorkshire miners, aged 65 and over, will work today in the knowledge that at the end of the shift they will be entitled, according to age, to retire with a pension of from 10s (50p) to 15s (75p) a week.

The men who become eligible for the pension today, under the mineworkers pension scheme agreed between the National Coal Board and the National Union of Mineworkers, will have made no financial contribution to the scheme.

There are 805 miners over 70 working at Yorkshire pits.

The scheme ends a fight for miners’ pensions which has been carried on in the Yorkshire and other coalfields, and in miners’ national conferences, for nearly 50 years. Its start today coincides with the fifth anniversary of the nationalisation of the coal mines.