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A Malton pauper’s hoard

January 2, 1899

At the meeting of the Malton Board of Guardians on Saturday, a singular case was reported by the clerk. He said that some weeks ago a woman named Eliza Milner, of Malton, was removed to the workhouse in an apparently destitute state.

On examination she was found to have £11 odd in her possession. During the past week she had died in the house, and there had been handed over to him deposit notes of the York Union Bank to the value of £360 in the name of the deceased.

The cost of her maintenance in the house had been £2 3s. It seemed she was a married woman living apart from her husband and he (the clerk) had had a claim upon him for the money by Mr Estill, solicitor, who was acting for the husband.

The woman had died intestate and he wanted the Board’s order before he gave up the money. After discussions, the Guardians directed the money be handed over to the solicitor minus £2 3s, the cost of the woman’s maintenance in the house.