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Frost still holds: Northern festival of winter sports

January 6, 1939

The weather forecast promises another festival of winter sports, which became general throughout the North yesterday.

North of a line from bristol to King’s Lynn, icy road surfaces and snow made travelling extremely difficult.

There is a possibility that the Yorkshire skating championship will held on the ice at Carlton Parish Ponds, near Selby, if the frost holds. Other reports regarding skating and other winter sports are: Wensleydale - ice hockey in the moonlight took place on the Wisings between Middleham and Wensley last night, where a large party of sportsmen enjoyed excellent sport on good ice. Lake Semmerwater, 100 acres in extent, is covered with two inches of excellent ice. There are good prospects of skating the lake today.

York District - there was skating on Castle Howard lake yesterday. The flooded fields at Stamford Bridge and at Kexby Bridge have also good surfaces of ice.

Wombwell - there is excellent six-acre stretch of bearing ice in the village of Broomhill, Wombwell. There are many other stretches of ice between Darfield and Wombwell and the neighbouring ings land at Bolton-on-Dearne. The ice is somewhat rough.

Ilkley - frozen snow on the steep hills has provided excellent opportunities for tobogganing. The tarn is frozen over, but snow spoils the skating surface. If the frost holds today efforts may be made to improve the conditions, and in the event of skating becoming possible the tarn will be floodlit.

Keighley tarn - a number of people obtained good sport yesterday. Generally the surface is good. The Corporation have swept clear a large portion of the ice and further Inspection will made today with a view to more of the surface being swept.

James Ledgard (5) of Bulk Street, Manningham, Bradford, is detained in the Children’s Hospital with fractured leg sustained when the sledge he was riding ran between the wheels of a motor car on St Chads Road yesterday.

William Hughes (16) of the National Children’s Home and Orphanage, Bramhope, near Leeds, was sledging yesterday evening when he collided with a wall. He is in the General Infirmary with a fractured base of the skull.