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Shipley poll: possible 95 per cent vote against fusion

February 15, 1938

Shipley Council’s plebiscite on the question of amalgamation with Bradford promises to be overwhelmingly in favour of Shipley remaining independent.

This view was expressed by Mr Leslie Stott, the Deputy Clerk, who is one of the three officials checking the votes.

About 17,000 voting cards were distributed to local government electors, and up to today. about three-quarters of the votes have been collected and handed in at the Town Hall. The remaining votes will be in the hands of the counters tomorrow.

“With only three-quarters of the votes to hand,” said Mr Stott, “there Is over 90 per cent of the electorate opposed to amalgamation with Bradford.”

The result of the poll will, it is believed, be known tomorrow. It will be submitted to members of the Finance Committee, over which Mr George Birbeck, chairman of the Council, will preside. It is possible that the vote against fusion may reach 95 per cent.