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Underground meeting: novel event in Yorkshire coal mining

February 19, 1925

An interesting event in the Yorkshire coalfield was the meeting underground during the week-end of the workers of two of the best-known collieries in the Doncaster area - those of the Bullcroft Main Colliery, owned by the Markham group, and of the Bentley Colliery, owned by Messrs. Barber, Walker, and Co.

The practice in the past has been for pits working coal in close proximity to each other to leave a considerable area of the mineral to form a barrier between the collieries. A different system, however, is now in vogue, whereby the coal right up to the boundary line of the pits is worked.

It had been known for some weeks past the miners of the two collieries were working toward each other. During the week-end communication was established between the men, and coal was got right up to the boundary.

It was carried out without hitch, and coal getting will now proceed in the ordinary way, the men of the two collieries working away from each other, and filling in as they proceed.

The event unique in local coal mining.