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Huge housing schemes in Sheffield

April 7, 1919

At a meeting on Saturday, of the Estates’ Committee of the Sheffield City Council, the conclusion was arrived at that the number of houses required for Sheffield is 15,000, and that the Council will have to build the whole, having regard to the total absence of prospects of any building by private enterprise.

Subject to satisfactory arrangements being made with the Local Government Board, it was decided that the seal of the Council be affixed to the necessary contracts for the erection of 263 houses on the Norwood Hall estate at a cost of £180,276 for 184 houses on the Walkley Hall estate at a cost of £140,327, and 206 houses on the High Wincobank estate at a cost of £119,875.

It was also decided to apply to the Local Government Board for sanction to borrow £477,034 to cover the cost of the houses and streets and sewers.

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