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Crash at motor cycle races. Machine swerves into crowd: 11 injured

April 8, 1931

A mother and her two children are detained at the Bradford Royal Infirmary, and five other people were injured through an accident at the miniature tourist trophy race held under the auspices of the motor section of the Bradford City Special Constables’ Association, at Esholt Park, Apperlev Bridge, yesterday.

Dennis Smallwood, of Bradford, with C. Butcher, of Frizinghall, as passenger, was gathering speed when, owing to a breakage in a part of his motor-cycle combination, the machine crashed into the spectators at a speed estimated at over 25 miles an hour.

Mrs Nellie Milner (36), of Leeds Bead. Bradford, received injuries to the legs and back, and was detained at the Infirmary with her two children, Connie (9). suffering from a compound fracture of the leg and shock, and Jack (13), who has a fractured leg and is suffering from shock. The rider and his passenger escaped with slight cuts.

Ambulance men and police were rushed to the spot when the accident occurred. The injured people received attention within a ring of hundreds of spectators.

The five other injured people who were allowed to go home after treatment at the Infirmary are:

Emma Dulby (19), Beldon Road, Great Horton. Injury to foot.

May Stoll (17), St Stephen’s Road, West Bowling, bruises.

Annie Norfolk (35), Grove Terrace, Guiseley, injuries to chest and shock.

Leslie Norfolk, same address, bruises and shock.

Mrs F. Williamson, Percy Street. Little Horton, shock and suspected internal injuries.

Butcher said: “We were travelling at 20 to 30 miles an hour when a connection between the sidecar and the cycle snapped. The cycle took its natural course and swept into the spectators. I was flung into the crowd.”

Previously a solo machine had skidded at the same place, and three people were injured. They were Marion Bentley (2H), West View, Paddock. Huddersfield, leg injury; Arthur Brook (29), Crown End, Golcar, leg injury; and George Holden, Maidstone Street. Bradford, cut hand and shock.

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