On this day in Yorkshire 1936

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Majestic liner

It was stated yesterday that the firm to whom the Majestic has been sold for breaking up are Messrs. Thomas W. Ward and Co. of Sheffield. The liner was built and launched at Hamburg just before the War and after the Armistice passed into British hands.

Harrogate Police Warning

A warning against a gang of pickpockets was issued by Harrogate police yesterday. There have been several thefts recently.

One of the gang follows a “victim” into the cloakroom at a hotel and smears his clothing with a sticky liquid. Another man enters, draws the victim’s attention to the condition of his clothing, and assists him to repair the damage. They probably walk off with his wallet or watch.

’Live” War Souvenir Used Fire-Poker

What is thought to be a “live” rifle grenade has been used unwittingly as a firepoker by Mr. Matt Robinson, of Filey, for about a year. When a seaman visited him yesterday he told Mr. Robinson of the danger. The grenade is being inspected by an expert.

Plans for the new hall to be erected on the Royal Prince’s Parade, Bridlington, have been completed, and will be brought before Bridlington Town Council at their next meeting. The hall is to cost about £25,000

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