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Cyclists and road safety: C.T.C. Official at Leeds Rotary Club

Speaking at the Leeds Rotary Club yesterday on “Cyclists and Road Safety” Mr. R. C. Shaw of the Cyclists’ Touring Club said that cyclists were not as great a menace on the roads as was generally thought.

According to statistics for the year ending March 1937 cyclists were blamed for 1,051 fatal accidents.

This number comapred very favourably with the number of deaths for which car drivers and motorcyclists were responsible.

Moreover, in most cases the cyclist had paid for his folly by the loss of his own life and only 82 deaths were of people other than the cyclists themselves.

Mr. Shaw said he was convinced that 90 per cent of accidents were avoidable.

He urged road users to think a little more deeply and to appreciate the other person’s point of view.

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