On this day in Yorkshire 1945

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The official end of the European War

No greater day than this - Mr. Churchill

At one minute past midnight with the formal “Cease Fire” all fronts, the German Third Reich ceased its legal existence and its Government ceased to function.

Germany has become a subjugated, conquered and occupied country without further independent existence.

Her Government, her military leaders and all her armed forces still at liberty are now legally in the same category as prisoners of war.

All German property and all her possessions and credits in foreign countries are automatically transferred to the account of the Central Allied Control Commission, which will begin to function immediately.

There will, therefore, be no Armistice, as in 1918, with stipulated terms of what the Germans have to hand over.

As from this morning the whole of German man-power and all German military and private property became at the disposal of the Allies.

Early this morning Moscow radio announced the signing of unconditional surrender by Germany.

This is the first announcement from the Russian capital of Germany’s unconditional surrender. To-day will be Victory Day in Russia.

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