On this day in Yorkshire 1954

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Goodbye to Rationing

FOOD rationing ends at midnight, with the freeing of meat and after 14 and a half years housewives, including many who were at school when rationing started, will be able to buy what they like where they like.

In their last allocation the Ministry of Food have provided mainly English and imported lamb and pork for the housewife, but butchers say that by Monday there will be home-killed beef and lamb available.

Only housewives with children entitled to free milk need keep their ration books.

Lord Woolton, who for three and a half years watched over Britain’s larder during the war said last night “It was necessary in wartime. I always disliked it. When returned to power we said that we would end it. We have done it.”

Harrogate theatre may have to close

Because of lack of public support, Harrogate is in danger of losing its theatre — the Grand Opera House — founded in 1900, and the present home of the White Rose Players.

In the last 12 months fewer than 20 repertory companies in the North have had to close for similar reasons. After a meeting of the directors of the Grand Opera House at Harrogate yesterday the chairman (Mr. E. L. Raworth) said that unless the theatre receives more public support it cannot continue to operate much longer.

On January 9, 1951, the Harrogate theatre celebrated its golden Jubilee. It has a family tradition, and Mr. Haworth’s father was one of the founders. The White Rose Players were formed in 1933. and from their ranks have come such actors as Sonia Dresdel. Trevor Howard. Philip King, Rosamund John and many others.

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