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‘Guinea pig’ homes for YEP workers. One device heats water by cooling the pantry

A device that extracts warm air from the pantry, where it is not needed, and transmits it to the hot water cylinder upstairs, where it is needed, will be fitted in each of the six houses that a Doncaster concern is building for the Yorkshire Electricity Board at Keadby Power Station.

The houses, which are for power station workers, are to be “guinea pig” houses.

Various electrical devices will be tested there with a view to offering them to all housing authorities.

The Industrial Research Council is Interested and Doncaster technicians of the electricity board will install the various devices.

Foremost among the devices is the heat pump to be put in the pantries. Similar to a refrigerator, it cools the air but retains the heat it has extracted and passes it on to the hot water cylinder.

It will reduce the temperature to below freezing point if necessary. The cost is about £l4O, but the value as a refrigerating unit in the pantry and as a supplier of heat to the rest of the house brings in a good return on the capital outlay,” said an official yesterday.

Floor heating is another device to be installed in the houses. Cables worked from the ordinary installation of each house would be laid under the floor and would maintain a room temperature of up to 90 degrees.

There will be thermostatic control. To give a homely, cheerful touch, an electric fire giving a cheerful glow like a coal fire will be installed in the chief room. It will be only 500 watts,as heat will not be required,” he added. *

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