On this day in Yorkshire 1955

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Lifeboat lands coaster’s crew bound for Hull

The captain and three members the crew of the Turkish coaster, the Zor (1,145 tons), which sank in the North Sea off the Norfolk coast early yesterday, were later landed at Sheringham by the local life-boat.

An official of the lifeboat said that they were taken off the Zor “in the nick of time.”

When they slid 20 feet down ropes to be grabbed by life boatmen, the Zor was already lying on her side and her keel was visible.

She sank Immediately afterwards.

Six members of the crew and the captain’s wife were taken off the Zor on Wednesday by the collier, the Richmond Queen, after the Zor developed a heavy list in a gale.

The Zor was bound for Hull with cargo of timber.

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