On this day in Yorkshire 1955

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Quick freeze ship experiment delay

Tests carried out before the Grimsby trawler, Northern Wave, was due to sail on the first of a number of experimental voyages during which the first part of her catch would be quickly frozen at sea, disclosed that part of the refrigeration equipment was not working satisfactorily.

The first experimental trip was scheduled for two months ago, and the prolonged delay in sailing was reported in The Yorkshire Post on Tuesday.

The White Fish Authority, who are sponsoring the quick-freeze experiment with the Government and the Distant Water Fishing Vessel Owners’ Development Committee, announced yesterday that it had now been decided to reconstruct and refit the refrigerating circuit in the trawler.

This will take about four months. Meanwhile the ship will resume ordinary commercial fishing and is expected to leave Hull shortly for the fishing grounds.

Took £1,000 gems and jeweller’s own watch

Two men, using duplicate keys, entered the front door of a jeweller’s shop at Woodhall Spa, Lincs, on early closing day and, full view of the main street, lifted from the window trays of gold and diamond bracelets and rings worth £l,OOO.

Ten minutes later they left by the front door, each carrying a soft bag.

Several people saw the men (one short and fat, one tall and thin), but no one told the police.

The theft was discovered by the jeweller, Mr. George Roslyn, when he returned at night to put his stock in the safe. There was nothing left in the window to put in the safe,” he said last night- They even took my gold watch, which I had left hanging in the shop.”

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