On this day in Yorkshire 1955

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Jet’s Emergency Landing and a trapped cow at Billingham

Fire engines from Bridlington stood by at Carnaby aerodrome, near Bridlington, on Saturday afternoon, after the pilot of an RAF Sabre Jet aircraft had radioed that he was having to make an emergency landing.

An ambulance also stood by, and he landed safely. Later a helicopter came from Thornaby for the pilot.

Firemen rescue trapped cow

Shortly after firemen at Billingham-on-Tees, using a block and tackle, rescued a trapped Ayrshire cow on Saturday night the cow gave birth to twin calves. One of the calves, a bull, died immediately.

The cow, Naisberry 11, which is valued at £6O, wandered from a herd of 18 on Home Farm, Wolviston, the day before she was due to calve. A 24-hour search ended when she was found trapped in mud and water in a stream.

Tenants of a block of flats owned by the farmer, Mr. Arthur Linton, helped farm hands to try to rescue the cow with a tractor. Another farmer was called in with a heavier tractor, but the cow remained stuck.

Then Sub-Officer T. W. Wood and three firemen from Billingham arrived with an emergency tender and struggled for an hour and a half before they pulled out the cow. A veterinary surgeon gave the cow injections while they worked.

Naisberry II was carried back to the farm. With her new-born heifer she was yesterday “slowly regaining strength.”

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