On this day in Yorkshire 1976

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Doing just fine, Angie the Leeds abandoned baby

Angie, the day old baby girl found abandoned in a public lavatory was in good health in a hospital incubator last night.

The child, wrapped in a white sheet and a multi coloured polythene carrier bag, was dumped in a sink in a cubicle of a women’s toilet near the Merrion Centre, Leeds.

A woman shopper who examined the package ran screaming into a nearby betting shop and told staff. They called the police and the baby was taken to hospital.

The baby weighed in at six and three quarter pounds at the Maternity Hospital in Hyde Terrace, Leeds.

She was placed in a ward full of other newly born babies and nurses called her Angie.

“She’s a lvely child and in very good health. The staff have quite taken to her,” said the hospital’s nursing officer.

Police searching for the parents said “The fact that the child is well after the experience suggests that she was left for a very short time.

Yorkshire’s Thirst Will be Prolonged

Parts of Yorkshire and the East Midlands face acut water shortages in the late summer and early autumn, Mr. John Silkin, Minister for Local Government and Planning told the Commons last night.

This could not be put right by a day’s rain, a week’s rain or even a month’s rain. The need for economy in th euse of water would extend well into the winter, he said.l

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