Bullets, blades and battles tell story of war’s legacy

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SWORDS used by cavalrymen are among more than 150 objects featured in a new First World War exhibition in Leeds.

The free exhibition at the Royal Armouries, which will open to the public on September 12, focuses on ordinary people and objects including weapons, documents, recorded testimony and medals.

Among the stories is that of Frank Elms, who began the war as a cavalry trooper but ended it as a machine gunner. He died a month before the war ended when his ship was torpedoed as he made the journey home.

Curator Jonathan Ferguson said: “While swords and lances were reaching the end of their lives as front-line weapons, new ideas were developed that led to the invention of the light machine gun and even the assault rifle – as well as more primitive revivals such as clubs and daggers.”

The Armouries is also hosting a show of Great War horsemanship at 3pm today, tomorrow and Bank Holiday Monday. Entry is £8.

Stunt-riding and practice shows are at noon.