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CND at 60 - is a nuclear war really still a threat?

It’s 60 years since CND’s first ever meeting. Chris Bond speaks to two members of the organisation about their own memories and why the peace movement still matters today.

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Kristin Scott Thomas, above, as Clementine and Gary Oldman as Churchill. 'Pictures: PA Photo/Universal Pictures International/Focus Features/Jack English.

Economy showing resilience against the odds

Some of our team have recently appreciated The Darkest Hour, which has been receiving rave reviews at the box office.

Today marks the 70th anniversary of 'Mahatma' Gandhi's assassination. Chris Bond looks at the legacy of the man they dubbed India's 'Father of the Nation'. (AP).

Man of peace - ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi 70 years after his death

Today marks the 70th anniversary of ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi’s assassination. Chris Bond looks at the legacy of the man they dubbed India’s ‘Father of the Nation’.

The Travellers Inn, on the A629 between Sheffield and Huddersfield. PIC: PA

Car crash driver admits trying to murder four children after hammer attack

A 29-year-old man has admitted attempting to kill four young children by hitting them with a hammer and then crashing a car into a wall.

Residents walk between destroyed buildings in Syria (AP photo).

Syrian refugees arrive in Leeds to be resettled across Yorkshire

Refugees fleeing conflict in Syria have arrived in Leeds on a charter flight ready to be resettled across Yorkshire and the Humber.
Dr Nir Arielli, Associate Professor of International History at the University of Leeds, has written a book about foreign war volunteers. (Picture: James Hardisty).

Why do people volunteer to fight in foreign wars?

A new book by a Leeds academic examines what makes people want to risk their lives by volunteering to fight in foreign conflicts. Chris Bond talked to its author.

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President Donald Trump wants Jerusalem recognised as the capital of Israel.

YP Letters: Make Jerusalem international city for peace

From: J Soper, Eastbrook Court, Bramham, Wetherby.

Donald Trump says America will recognise Jerusalem, and not Tel Aviv, as Israel's capital.

Gwynne Dyer: Trump has no capital for his Jerusalem claim

“ALL of us are saying ‘Hey, United States, we don’t think this is a very good idea’,” said Jordan’s King Abdullah II in 2002, when it became clear that President George W. Bush was going to invade Iraq. But Bush didn’t listen, and it turned out to be an extremely bad idea.


Tragic tales of the Hull Blitz

Hull is featured in a new TV documentary series examining the legacy of the Blitz during the Second World War. Chris Bond reports on one woman’s moving family story.

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Bomb damage at Cossey Road after First World War Zeppelin raid on Sheffield.

Shadow of fear that brought death to Sheffield

The officers were away at a tea dance when, in the skies above the little school in Grenoside, they spotted the fearsome shadow of a Zeppelin.

Joy on the streets of Harare as Robert Mugabe's resignation was announced.

The Yorkshire Post says: Mugabe quits – but Zimbabwe must not replace one dictator with another on path to democracy

THE spontaneous outpouring of joy on the streets on Zimbabwe after the resignation of Robert Mugabe is the culmination of a bloodless coup that is remarkable by Africa’s standards.

Prime Minister Theresa May greets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he arrives in Downing Street earlier this year.

YP Letters: Balfour centenary and missed chance for peace

From: David J Israel, Roundhay, Leeds.

War story: Benedict Cumberbatch as Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing in the film The Imitation Game. (PA/Studio Canal).

The Leeds warship that helped break the Enigma code

It’s 75 years this week since Bletchley Park received the codebooks that helped break the Enigma code. Hugh Sebag-Montefiore looks at the role played by HMS Aubretia.

A prison officer walks past a news stand in Harare, Zimbabwe Monday, Nov. 20, 2017. Longtime President Robert Mugabe ignored a midday deadline set by the ruling party to step down or face impeachment proceedings, while Zimbabweans, stunned by his lack of resignation during a national address, vowed more protests to make him leave. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Too early to celebrate a new world for the wonderful people of Zimbabwe, writes Bishop of Leeds

TEN years ago I walked from farm to farm in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe, near to its capital city Gweru.

More homes needed to meet North Yorkshire garrison’s expansion

The senior Army officer charged with overseeing the development of Europe’s largest military base has said major new infrastructure will need to be built in North Yorkshire to accommodate its expansion.

Britain needs a war on obesity.

YP Letters: War against obesity is one we must win

From: James Bond, Mulehouse Road, Sheffield.


Leeds remembers: Thousands fall silent to honour nation’s fallen on Remembrance Sunday

A poignant Remembrance service in Leeds saw thousands fall silent on Sunday to honour the nation’s war dead.


Mission to discover wartime link

It was a rainy day in April 2012 when Vic Jay took part in a Lancaster Bomber ‘taxy run’ experience at the Aviation Heritage Centre in Lincolnshire.


Remembrance will not wither with time

EXACTLY 100 years ago, a kind of peace had fallen on one of the Great War’s bloodiest and most horrific battlefields.

Poppy display

GP Taylor: Sorry snowflakes, I’m proud to wear a red poppy and we shouldn’t force white ones on children

A FEW days ago, I stood on the clifftop at Whitby and looked at the Bombardment Memorial. This reconstruction of a bombed-out house serves as a reminder to the German attack on Whitby in 1914. A young boy near me asked his mother what it was for. The woman didn’t know and said it was just something to do with the war.

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