Transition your home with autumnal pastels

Transition your home with autumnal pastels
Transition your home with autumnal pastels

Normally associated with a burnt orange and brick red colour palette, interiors this autumn will take on a new approach, bringing in muted pastels for a cosy but distinctive feel.

Creating a look that is as bold as it is comforting, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, Rebecca Snowden, shares five tips on how to transition pastels in the home this autumn for those who prefer to opt for a contemporary interior.

Five tips to achieve this look:

  • Replace summer’s bright pastels with more muted tones

  • Slate blues and greys act as a balance for a neutral colour palette

  • Layer-up on textures to create a warm, cosy atmosphere

  • Accessorise with dark florals to reflect autumnal changes outside

  • Bring in hints of oak for added warmth

    Replace summer’s bright pastels for more muted tones

    Autumn’s pastels will take on more dusty tones to clearly distinguish the start of a new season. “This look builds on existing ‘It’ colours as the season transitions from summer to autumn;blush pink, muted greens and richer blues make up the main ensemble.” Rebecca explains.

    While predominant in spring and summer, pastels will take a back seat in autumn to ensure interiors retain the warmth and cosiness demanded by the season.

    Rebecca Snowden says: “Traditionally used to brighten up a space, the role of pastels in autumn will be to show a decor transition from summer to autumn while bringing in a subtle warmth, much softer than the usual autumnal colour palette.

Slate blues and greys act as a neutral colour paletteNeutrals this season will take on darker hues in order to recreate that cosy, under-the-duvet ambience so many enjoy in the colder months.
“Slate blues and greys act as a neutral as they pair well with all colours. Play with different shades and textures to create depth and different points of interest.” Rebecca advises.
“Pantone’s sterling blue, which is actually a lively tone of green, adds energy to this softer palette and creates a contemporary feel to the room, without detracting away from the overall warm, comforting tone.”

Layer up on textures to create a warm, cosy atmosphere

Using multiple textures brings an extra dimension of cosiness to your home, while allowing you to experiment with different shades and colours in a bold, unique way.
Rebecca Snowden instructs: “For a vintage-inspired, yet surprisingly modern look, pair velvet with shades of rose pink and burnished lilac.
“Velvet also contrasts and complements fur and wool materials, which are integral to creating that warm, cosy autumn feel.”

Accessorise with dark florals to reflect autumnal changes outside

Florals and pastels go hand in hand, however opt for darker florals to reflect nature’s move away from spring and summer blooms.
Rebecca explains: “Dark florals instantly throw away any associations between pastels and summer. Simple silhouettes, like peonies, make for a striking accessory; it quickly draws attention so can be used to accentuate a focus point in your room.”

Bring in hints of oak for added warmth

Both natural and stained oak have red undertones, so incorporating touches of oak is a subtle way of bringing warmth into your decor. Rebecca advises: “Opt for small hints to ensure your home maintains a contemporary feel; wooden accents and small decorative pieces work better here than larger pieces of furniture.”


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