HP is recalling laptops due to a fire risk – here’s how to know if yours could be affected

HP is recalling laptops due to a fire risk – here’s how to know if yours could be affected
Some HP laptops have been recalled amid safety fears (Photo: Shutterstock)

Tech giant HP is recalling nearly 80,000 laptops amid fears that the batteries could overheat and burst into flames.

A massive 78,500 computers have been announced as at risk. The announcement comes following an initial recall of 50,000 laptops in January last year.

At the time models listed as affected included HP ProBook, ZBook, x360, Pavilion, ENVY or HP 11 model.

Now 10 more models have been added to the list. All of these are compatible with the dangerous batteries.

How to check if your laptop is a fire risk

In a statement on its website, HP urged customers with affected laptops to request a new battery and download a free tool from their website which checks if the battery needs replacing. If it does, the advice is to put the battery into ‘safety mode’.

This means that the computers can still work if plugged in, and the faulty battery will be bypassed.

Free battery replacement services are also being offered by authorised technicians.

The extended recall was first issued by HP in January, but the US Consumer Product Safety Commission only announced it now due to the US government shutdown early this year.

The commission reported that HP had received eight reports of the batteries overheating or melting, with one owner suffering first-degree burns.

First-degree burns

The laptops affected retailed at between £264 and £3,526. The batteries were also sold as separate accessories.

A HP statement said, “HP’s primary concern is for the safety of our customers.

“HP is proactively notifying customers, and will provide replacement battery services for each verified, eligible battery, at no cost.”

The company has also clarified that the recall applies to approximately 0.1 per cent of products sold since the January 2018 announcement.

Full list of affected products

These are the products sold with the batteries that could have been affected:

Probook 640 G2
Probook 645 G2
Probook 650 G2
Probook 650 G2
Probook 640 G3
Probook 645 G3
Probook 650 G3
Probook 655 G3
Zbook 17 G3
Zbook Studio G3
X360 310 G2
Pavillion x360
11 Notebook PC

The following models are also compatible, so if you bought one and changed the battery, use the online tool to check:

ProBook 430 G5
ProBook 440 G5
ProBook 450 G5
ProBook 455 G5
ProBook 470 G5
ZBook Studio G4