Isaac Mourier: Leeds Force failing to follow coach’s matchday instructions

Isaac Mourier. PIC: Alex Daniels
Isaac Mourier. PIC: Alex Daniels
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Leeds Force are gradually becoming a better team, but I don’t think we should’ve been targeting anything other than a win last week against Worcester Wolves – they didn’t play very well and we ‘beat ourselves’.

We cut their lead to under 20 points, but we kept letting our momentum slip – complacency lost us the game and that was the most frustrating part of a difficult night that we must overcome as a unit.

Leeds Force's highly vocal fans.

Leeds Force's highly vocal fans.

Those lapses in concentration have been costing us recently, and it’s something that we’ve all been guilty of at times this season – including myself.

The new players made a positive impact for us on their Leeds debut; they’ve given us that size on the court we’ve desperately needed in the last couple of months.

Once they become more comfortable and confident with our system and our culture, our fortunes will improve and it’s a clear sign we’re heading in the right direction.

As I’ve said before in recent columns, we’ve been beating ourselves far too often this campaign.

Leeds Force coach Danny Nelson. PIC: Bruce Rollinson

Leeds Force coach Danny Nelson. PIC: Bruce Rollinson

We’ve been straying away from the Leeds Force identity that coach Danny Nelson has instilled here. If we don’t fix our mistakes, we’ll lose this week against Manchester too.

We have to make sure we learn from the coach’s experience and carry out his instructions on the court when game night arrives. It’s about us – if we play the Leeds Force way on Friday night, then I’m confident we’ll take care of business.

Nobody enjoys losing. We’re on the end of an extensive and long-lasting winless streak right now – every week in practice we’ve been striving to change that.

Every single player is striving to lift us off the bottom of the table. We’re misfiring at the moment but I know that our effort will see us turn things around. As a team leader, I feel that my responsibility is to spread as much positivity as possible – sometimes it’s giving a guy a high-five, and sometimes it’s telling a guy to get themselves sorted.

It can be tough love at times, but I’m always there to give a guy a pat on the back when they most need it.

It’s important that you take time to look at the positives, and that’s something I try do as both a player and as a person.

Winning games is definitely a realistic target for this team in the coming weeks. If you look at the calibre of players we have available, and the type of coach that we have teaching us, it’s clear to me that once everything starts to connect, we will start winning games – but we must fix our mistakes for that to happen.

Personally, this season has been good for me – I’ve improved my overall game and I’ve been shooting the ball quite well.

I’ve been working incredibly hard, and I’ve seen a positive progression in my game over recent months.

I’m very grateful of being able to play for Leeds Force; I’ve been afforded the opportunity to play more minutes, and with that has come greater self-confidence within myself.

I love the fans here, and we had another great turnout last Sunday – just seeing the kids who come down and ask for your autograph is fantastic and a motivation booster for all of us.

You, as fans, have a genuine passion for sport, and a genuine passion for our city – that’s something we really appreciate as a team.

That’s it for this week’s column, make sure to catch us live on the BBC Sport website on Friday night (7:30PM) when we face Manchester Giants on the road. #FeelTheForce

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