Bet on world champion Trump pays off 21 years after flutter

A punter has won £10,000 after Judd Trump’s victory in the Betfred World Championship saw a 21-year-old bet finally come off.

Judd Trump celebrates with the trophy.

Racing journalist Neil Morrice, 62, placed a bet on Trump to win the snooker showpiece in 1998 after seeing the then-eight-year-old play a frame against his son.

At the time the young Bristolian needed to stand on a box to reach the table. Now he is the world champion following a convincing 18-9 victory over John Higgins at Sheffield’s famous Crucible.

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Morrice said he felt he had “seen something” when he first witnessed Trump in action against 12-year-old son Richard.

“Richard was quite a decent club player and I used to take him to all the clubs on the circuit. And one day – I remember it well, it was a Sunday – we went down to Bristol and on the edge of Bristol there was a club called the Keynsham Club and my son was looking to find somebody to give him a frame.

“This little boy came up and said to Richard, ‘Do you fancy a frame?’ So Richard looked at him and said, ‘okay’ and the little boy said, ‘I’ll give you 20 start’.

“[He] used the cue more like a spear than a cue because he was so small, and he whacked down a 30 break, and I think with about one more visit to the table it was game over.”

Bookmakers offered Morrice a £10 “fantasy bet” at 1,000-1 for Trump to become champion of the world by the age of 30.

The eventual victory was all the sweeter as this year’s tournament was the last opportunity for Trump, 29, to ensure the bet came to fruition.

Morrice said: “It’s been a rollercoaster ride... in 2011 he made the final against, of all people, John Higgins, looked as if he was going to win it and then of course lost.”