Luxembourg licence allows Haye and Chisora to fight

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David Haye re-ignited his slanging match with Dereck Chisora after their controversial all-British grudge match was confirmed yesterday.

Chisora’s manager Frank Warren announced yesterday that West Ham’s Upton Park ground would host a fight between the two British heavyweights on July 14.

The pair sparked outrage when they brawled in the press conference room following Chisora’s points defeat to WBC heavyweight champion Vital Klitschko in February.

At a heated press conference at Upton Park yesterday, in which Haye and Chisora’s camps were separated by a seven-foot steel fence, the two men exchanged insults and Haye vowed to beat Finchley fighter Chisora in July.

“He is the ideal opponent for me,” Haye said.

“I am so glad he has got a good chin because if he didn’t have a good chin he would be blasted out in first round. This means I will give him a nice, slow, concussive beating.

“I tried to knock him out in Munich and this is the opportunity to shut him up.”

Chisora, flanked by eight burly security guards, angrily retorted: “I don’t like him. David, you need to get style. Your corn rows are out of fashion.

“Talk is cheap now. That was a lucky shot he hit me with in Munich.

“David: you are winning 1-0 but come July I am coming to whoop your ass.

“Your talk is cheap. You always talk but you don’t deliver in the ring.”

The fight has had to be sanctioned by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation after the British Boxing Board of Control withdrew Chisora’s licence following his antics in Munich.

Haye does not have a British licence after he handed it in following his last fight in 2011 – his defeat to Wladimir Klitschko.

Chisora’s antics before the February 18 fight in Germany also caused outrage, with the Londoner slapping Vitali at the weigh-in and spitting water over his brother Wladimir prior to the bout.

He also has a history of troubles both inside and out of the ring. He has convictions for assaulting his girlfriend, carrying an offensive weapon and assaulting a police officer.

The 28-year-old has also kissed an opponent during a weigh-in and bit another in the ring, prompting Haye to question his state of mind.

“I truly believe he has a screw loose, a few screws loose actually,” said Haye.

“Dereck does some really strange things. I have seen him get hold of a guy and kiss him, I have seen him push another guy in the face at the weigh-in and look at his criminal record – bashing up his missus, assaulting police officers, carrying offensive weapons...”

For that reason, Haye insists there will be separate weigh-ins for the fighters, a scenario that was played out when Mike Tyson fought Lennox Lewis at the height of their rivalry.

“The head-to-head weigh-in is off the cards,” the 31-year-old added.

“It’s not happening because it will kick off.”