Bradley keen on a future 
as trainer

FORMER jockey Graham Bradley is planning to press on with his application for a training licence after being cleared by a British Horseracing Authority inquiry.

It had been claimed that Wetherby-born Bradley, who won the 1983 Gold Cup on Bregawn, had been training horses under Brendan Powell’s name at the latter’s yard in Lambourn. Both were exonerated in what was described by a disciplinary panel of the BHA as a “finely balanced” case, with the decision a “close-run thing”.

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Bradley still hopes to set up as a trainer in his own right. He said: “I’m just working on my application now and finding out what the next steps are in the process.”

BHA media manager Robin Mounsey conceded a review of the rules may be necessary to better define the meaning of “training” a horse. He said: “Despite the panel’s decision not to find BHA’s case proved, its reasons justify BHA’s decision to charge both Bradley and Powell.

“The panel found that Bradley was not operating autonomously as a trainer, despite the fact that Bradley was charging the owners directly for training fees and raceday expenses, taking a split of Powell’s prize-money, employing staff to care for the horses, operating with a separate feed and tack room and using a different vet to Powell.”