All-10 at The Oval rated as top display

JIM LAKER's 10-wicket haul in Australia's second innings at Old Trafford was not the only time he took 10 wickets in an innings against them that year.

In May, 1956, he took 10-88 in the tour match at The Oval, Tony Lock again going wicketless, returning 0-100.

In cool and cloudy conditions, Laker was not even feeling at his best after a sleepless night looking after his unwell daughter.

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A half-hearted attempt to declare himself unfit was brushed aside by Stuart Surridge, the Surrey captain.

In contrast to Old Trafford, where it was a spinner’s paradise, the surface at The Oval offered little assistance .

“The ball turned only a little,” recalled Laker, “and not consistently.”

Half of his wickets came with straight balls .

“Five victims were bamboozled by balls that did not turn at all,” he said .

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, EW (Jim) Swanton described a great performance. “Nothing less describes the unfailing accuracy, the power of spin, and the little variations on a theme of a perfect length which brought him the glory,” he wrote.

Laker himself felt that it was, from a technical point of view, a better performance than the one at Manchester.