proud’ Denison takes up reins

New chairman of Yorkshire CCC, Steve Denison. ('Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe)
New chairman of Yorkshire CCC, Steve Denison. ('Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe)
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STEVE DENISON has described his appointment as Yorkshire chairman as beyond his wildest dreams as he stepped into the seat vacated by Colin Graves.

Denison, a 50-year-old born and bred in Bramley, Leeds, has been on the Yorkshire board for the past four years. He has a full-time job with PwC – formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers – and will help as and when required.

“I’m off-the-scale proud,” said Denison. “I could never have envisaged even being involved in Yorkshire cricket as a board member. To be chairman just takes it to a completely different level. I’m pinching myself.”

A keen cricket lover, Denison will bring his financial expertise to the role.

“What I’ve said to the guys is, ‘Use me when you need me’,” he added. “Mark Arthur is the chief executive. He runs the show 24-7, day-in, day-out. He’s now got a great team around him that are really committed.

“Going forward, Colin said it all. We need to get more people coming into the ground, to buy international tickets in particular.

“We’ve had this pile of debt for too long. It’s there for good reason, but we need to get rid of it. Over the next five to 10 years, we need to make sure that we’re paying down if not all of that debt then substantially all of it. That’s my No 1 priority.”