Yorkshire 2015: Gale is aiming to hit obesity in Yorkshire for six with physical literacy camps

Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale
Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale
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YORKSHIRE captain Andrew Gale is championing the concept of “physical literacy” in an effort to tackle high obesity levels among children by instilling a passion for sports such as cricket.

Gale’s Headingley-based Pro Coach Cricket Academy is launching an initiative to get infants, toddlers and young children active in a move designed to keep them healthy for the rest of their lives.

The Junior Crickets scheme starts on April 18, with Gale believing that physical literacy is just as important as the academic ability to read and write.

“If you think that a child must learn their alphabet to speak properly or to spell, and they must learn to count to carry out simple mathematics, well, physical literacy is exactly the same concept in that if a child can’t stand on one leg or stop a ball with their foot, they will be unable to go on and live healthy, active lifestyles,” he said.

“With an alarming number of children now being categorised as obese, combined with the dropout rates of children and teenagers involved in sport at a worryingly high level, Pro Coaches wishes to attempt to address these issues.

“The Junior Crickets initiative aims to develop kids’ physical skills so they can continue to play cricket and other sports as they get old, all with the view of keeping them active once they’ve finished their education.

“We’d love to see a Junior Cricket sticking on the White Rose cap in 15-20 years’ time, but we’d also take great pride in knowing that Yorkshire is a healthier county because we were able to help educate and encourage today’s children to be active.”

There are three sessions on April 18 which take place at the same time at Headingley Indoor Cricket School, Harrogate Grammar School, Wetherby High School and York Milthorpe School. They are: two-to-four-year-olds (9.00-9.30am), five-to-seven-year-olds (9.30am-10.15am) and eight-to-10-year-olds (10.15am-11.00am).

For more, contact Pro Coach Cricket Academy on 0113 2033609 or email: enquiries@pcyc.co.uk