Yorkshire widen their search for new batting consultant

YORKSHIRE are widening their search for a new batting coach.

Yorkshire's Martyn Moxon.

The club had been targeting an unnamed former England international to help their professional and academy players.

But they have now advertised for the role after extra commitments ruled out the person that they had been chasing.

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“The person we were speaking to has now been offered further international commitments, so his availability is less,” explained Yorkshire’s director of cricket, Martyn Moxon.

“Consequently, we’re opening it up now to the world, as it were.

“That was always the thing that we were waiting on with him; he’s involved in international cricket, and you can understand that that takes precedence.

“It’s pretty much a blank canvas now, and although a couple of people have spoken to us and we’ve spoken to a couple of people, they’ve not nailed their colours to the mast yet as to whether it’s something they can do or want to do, hence why we’ve put it out there because we need to try and move things forward.”

The batting coach/consultant would support Moxon and first XI coach Andrew Gale as Yorkshire look to improve a facet of their game that has struggled for consistency.

The club are flexible with potential applicants, with the role full or part-time depending on availability.

“We’ve left it pretty flexible, and it really depends on the applicant’s situation as to whether it’s a full-time or part-time position,” said Moxon.

“By part-time, I mean the English summer, so in other words we’re not limiting a potential candidate to it being throughout the winter as well.

“A lot of coaches now are working around the world with various franchises and things, so we’re open to it being a summer-only position.

“Hopefully, it will be an attractive role for someone.”

The successful candidate must have a minimum ECB Level Three coaching qualification or equivalent, as well as first-class playing experience.

The closing date for applications is December 19 ahead of interviews in January.