YP Letters: Stumped by Theresa May's admiration for Geoffrey Boycott

From: Brian McNulty, Rotherham.

Theresa May has compared her persistence to the batting of her cricketing hero Geoffrey Boycott - was she right to do so?

I GREW tired long ago of listening to Geoff Boycott’s seemingly endless tirade of self-acclamation so I was quite amused when I heard the Prime Minister’s recent reference to him.

His lengthy, trophyless period as captain of Yorkshire County Cricket Club is still reflected on by many as the most disruptive and unhappy period in the history of the club.

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Thankfully, his role as captain of England was limited, but I believe he still managed to lead them to their first ever defeat against New Zealand.

As a member of YCCC for nearly 50 years, and the UK for over 80 years, I still look forward for both of them with a good degree of hope and confidence.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

IT was rather unfortunate for Theresa May to compare herself to Geoffrey Boycott.

If my memory is correct, Boycott was once run out by Ian Botham because he was batting so slowly.

A bit like her progress on Brexit, hence why stumps 
will be shortly drawn on 
her premiership which 
has been more disruptive 
than Mr Boycott’s leadership 
of YCCC.