The Yorkshire Post's Country Week columnist Jo Foster. Picture by Tony Johnson.

An Irish sojourn for Jo Foster

I’m on a high after recently returning from a few days away in Ireland mixing work with pleasure. It feels like I’ve lived a lifetime since I was last over in the Emerald Isle, so much has happened in the last seven months.

Jo Foster finds she has her hands full with her Patterdale pups. Picture by Tony Johnson.

Jo Foster attempts to house train her Patterdale pups

If two words could describe certain parts of my life at the moment it would be ‘dog poo’. If it’s not changing the bin in Baffle’s secure dog field, picking it up off the driveway where customers have accidently left a pile, then it is cleaning up after my Patterdale’s three pups, which remain from the original seven.

Jo Foster. Picture by Tony Johnson.

Jo returns home at last

I have been allowed to stand up for the first time in nine weeks. Last week I was given the precautionary go-ahead to begin the transfer from my wheelchair to crutches by the surgeon. It was a massive relief. It’s been a trial for all of us.

Country Week columnist Jo Foster. Picture by Tony Johnson.

Over the stable door: Yearning for freedom

Being contained inside for months can be mentally destructive. I can understand why caged wild animals lose their sanity. The times I yearn for space and freedom, craving to regain some control and independence in my life. I look out of the window and dream of endless horizons, to feel driving moorland rain against my face. Rural life in its harsh reality.

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