Equestrian: Lottie makes most of her return

ALL SMILES: Lottie Fry.
ALL SMILES: Lottie Fry.
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SCARBOROUGH’S Lottie Fry is hoping to conquer Europe having excelled in Britain on her first outing on these shores for over three years.

Fry is now in her fourth year based in Holland with the internationally acclaimed Van Olst Horses but an invitation to showcase stallions at last weekend’s Bolesworth International Show proved just the ticket for the rider’s first competitive outing in England since 2015.

Determined to make the absolute most of her journey back to Britain, Fry ended up bringing six horses from her continental base and the 22-year-old went on to celebrate a brilliant first and second.

Inclusive and Iondale posted huge scores of 85.8 and 80.4 to give Fry a one-two in the five-year-old class before Dark Legend then excelled in just his second Grand Prix with Fry with 69.6 per cent and then 72.3 per cent in the freestyle for third.

Everdale then took part in a dressage Masterclass with Carl Hester after Fry’s own master-class.

The young golden girl of dressage faces a notable challenge in 2018 stepping out of the Young Rider ranks and up to under-25s level but the Yorkshire ace’s results continue to go from strength to strength.

Fry has already competed at five different European Championships at various levels and all eyes are now on sixth as part of what is already becoming another stellar year.

Reflecting on her fine success at Bolesworth and sizing up her next aims, Fry told The Yorkshire Post from her base in Holland: “I was really, really pleased with all the horses at Bolesworth.

“We had six horses with us so that was quite a lot to bring over and it went really well.

“In the five-year-old class I had two stallions finishing first and second.

“Inclusive won it and Iondale was second.

“I was also riding in the Grand Prix and it was only my second ever Grand Prix and this is really at the top level now and that went well.

“We got 69 per cent on the first day – I’m not sure where we were placed and then in the freestyle on the second day I was third with 72 per cent on Dark Legend so that was a really big thing and quite exciting. That was really good.

“Now I’m hoping to be in the team selected for the under-25s Europeans and they are in the north of Holland so that’s a good thing.

“I did 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 so this would be number six.

“That would be pretty cool!”

Luxembourg will actually provide the next port of call for Fry who will take both Everdale and Dark Legend to a show there in the first week of July at which Everdale will be competing in his first under-25s.

Fry has never competed in Luxembourg but it was more familiar territory last weekend en route to Bolesworth though taking six horses to the Cheshire event proved an operation in itself.

Fry revealed: “We had the big lorry which has four horses on it and then we had the small lorry with two horses and the trailer behind with all the equipment.

“We had two grooms and then one of the other riders who came to help, then Anne and Gert Jan and me so there was enough of us!

“It was really exciting to be back and to see lots of old friends and just hear everyone speak English as well so that was a big thing.

“It was really nice to compete in England. My dad came to watch too.

“I think it was 2014 or 2015 the last time I competed.”

After taking a first, a second and a third, it was then back on the road to Holland with Fry now pondering when she will next compete in the UK again.

Olympia presents the ultimate long-term aim while a repeat outing at Bolesworth is not surprisingly also in the offing.

“Olympia would be really, really cool,” admitted Fry.

“That’s a really big one and I don’t really know about the others. Olympia is in December but I don’t know, maybe it’s too soon for my horses.

“They are very young and Olympia is such a big atmosphere.

“We are so busy now this summer but I would really like to come to Bolesworth again next year because it’s a really, really nice show, so well organised and the main arena was just amazing.

“They wanted to do a masterclass on the Thursday and they asked if we would bring some stallions over to show the public a little bit what the stallions are like in Holland.

“It started like that and we bought more and more!”

With the dressage Europeans for children on horses, juniors and young riders taking place one month before the under-25s from July 9 to July 15, British Dressage have announced their Team NAF squads for those respective events.

A single rider will represent Britain in the Children on Horses while two individuals will fly the flag in the Junior Championship. A team of four, with two nominated reserves will take part in the Young Rider competition.

Boston rider Lily Payne, 14, will be the sole British rider in the Children on Horses Europeans on Ann Savage’s Beckhouse Cancara.

Jessica McConkey and Maddy Whelan are the selected junior riders with Lewis Carrier,

Charlotte Dicker, Alexander Harrison and Anna Jesty are competing for the Young Riders team. Lucy Amy is first reserve with Amber Barton second reserve.

Chief selector, David Trott, said: “We’ve selected seven strong combinations to represent Team NAF and Britain and if they all perform to their best, we could be in the medal zone.”