Wonders of traffic-free hack promised for visitors to Escrick

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ESCRICK Park Rideways near York will have been open for 21 years this year.

Riders can enjoy a traffic-free hack through the park along tracks and through sheltered woodland and there is also the opportunity to ride over a cross country course.

There are routes of either 20 miles for hacking or a seven mile loop at a faster pace.

The loop also includes the cross country jumps which vary in size and there are now also adjacent junior jumps.

There is a membership scheme and people often visit for a day, some travelling from as far as Newcastle and Leicestershire. There has also been an increase in organised rides with up to 100 people taking part.

To celebrate 21 years of opening, Escrick Park is offering two free day passes with every membership that is taken out this year. For more information go to www.escrick.com/rideways.

IF dressage is your thing, then the people at British Dressage would love to hear your views.

They have just launched The Great British Dressage Survey and hope that people will go online and respond.

Do British Dressage offer value for money, and how can they reach more grassroots competitors, are among the questions they would like answering.

British Dressage say their free Associate membership is working well but they would like to hear more from those who have joined about what they would like to see in the way of competitions a nd training.

To take part in the survey go to http://surveys.customersmatter.co.uk/BD/bd2011.html.

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