Pompey get no sympathy from thrifty Barnsley manager Hill

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BARNSLEY manager Keith Hill has no sympathy for anyone who lives beyond their means.

The Tykes host Portsmouth less than 24 hours after the Fratton Park club entered administration for the second time in two years.

Hill says too many clubs ‘take advantage of their own community’ in the pursuit of glory.

Scottish giants Rangers also went into administration this week and, historically, most clubs will exit administration without paying off debts.

“Good housekeeping should be relevant in every walk of life but, for some strange reason, it gets ignored in football,” said Hill. “What is supposed to be a ‘community-based’ football club can often take advantage of the community by spending money they have not got.

“Clubs use fans’ emotions and it is unfair that they have to carry the can for mis-spent money,” he added. “They support the football club 100 per cent and it’s a shame that clubs go into administration and the biggest people affected are the supporters.

“I don’t feel sorry for anybody who spends money they have not got,” he insisted. “If someone lends money off me and I have to ask for it back, they will never borrow money off me again. I have no sympathy for people who get in debt. None whatsoever. Because it is self-inflicted.”

Hill landed the Barnsley job after guiding Rochdale to success in the lower leagues on a limited budget. He is now working to a tight budget at Oakwell but the club is a healthy 14 points clear of the relegation zone.

“It is widely publicised that we have had to cut costs,” he reflected. “We are working with what we have got and I think it will bear dividends in the future. We are not spending money frivolously or getting ourselves into financial trouble. We are preparing for next season and the season beyond.”

The Tykes landed former Swansea City winger David Cotterill this week but Hill says Barnsley are no longer in the market for big name loan signings.

“If there are players we feel will improve us, this season or next, the board of directors and the owner have been absolutely superb,” he said. “But we are living within a bank account that we don’t take for granted. We don’t borrow money that we can’t repay and I don’t mind doing that. More managers should be privvy to the type of spending they embark on. I don’t feel there is enough conscience from managers when spending money that isn’t theirs. But it’s what I have always done.”

The Tykes have now lost seven of their last 10 league games and the latest, against Burnley, prompted Hill to cancel his players’ scheduled day off.

“We watched the DVD of Tuesday’s game instead,” he revealed. “We reminded the players of what previously made us good and what doesn’t work for us. We got a lot out of it. But the (benefit of the) meeting has to be evident against Portsmouth.”