Sheffield United v Barnsley: Wilson demands calm approach on return down the Lane

Barnsley manager Danny Wilson.
Barnsley manager Danny Wilson.
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KEEP calm and carry on – that is the message from Barnsley manager Danny Wilson ahead of his side’s South Yorkshire derby at Bramall Lane.

The fixture has been given an extra edge by Wilson returning to S2 for the first time since his sacking in April 2013, but the vastly-experienced manager is refusing to be side-tracked and wants his players not to get caught up with any unnecessary emotion either.

Keeping their heads while competing in the derby cauldron and sticking to the game plan is paramount, according to Wilson, whose side will not be short of backing from Reds fans in the John Street Stand.

He said: “These games are what they are billed as and it is what it says on the tin.

“They are full-blooded and committed.

“Do you get any great football? Sometimes you don’t, sometimes you do get pockets of it. But it will be a very committed game from both sides, I am sure.

“First and foremost, you have to meet what is in front of you and whatever is there, you have got to go toe to toe with and be brave and stand up.

“But there also has to be some calmness in your game plan to take into the game.

You must know what you are trying to do and achieve and we have a game plan and, hopefully, we can achieve that and be calm and concentrated enough to carry that out.

“That is one of the main objectives we will have.”

He added: “We have got to go out with no fear and enjoy ourselves and embrace the atmosphere.

“More than anything, we can’t be worried about the fans and must use them in our favour.

“But we cannot get carried away with the emotion, we have got to keep that in check ourselves and stick with our game plan.”