VIDEO - Barnsley coach Winkler says Reds hoping to welcome Stephen Croft back to Oakwell soon

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BARNSLEY assistant head coach Andreas Winkler has expressed gratitude on behalf of the club following the news that the condition of matchday helper Stephen Croft is improving - and says that the Reds hope to welcome him back to Oakwell soon.

Mr Croft was airlifted from Oakwell to hospital at around 4pm on Saturday afternoon amid worrying scenes which forced the postponement of the Reds’ home fixture with Burton.

Mr Croft was taken ill just before the kick-off and treated by medical staff for a substantial period of time.

His family provided an update in midweek with the condition of the 61-year-old having improved, with Mr Croft able to now talk to his family and friends.

Winkler said: “It is the best news of the week that Steve is still with us and we are aware that he is talking and now we can look forward to maybe seeing him back at Oakwell.

“We were lucky that our players were not too close, but the Burton players were very close to when it happened to Steve. It was a really difficult situation. But everybody did well and when we heard that they (medical staff) got Steve back, everybody was clapping hands in the dressing room.”