Barnsley midfielder Moncur knows time is right to add steel to his style

BARNSLEY midfielder George Moncur has revealed his fervent desire to prove a point to his critics in 2018-19.

George Moncur: Has been given greater clarity by new Barnsley manager Daniel Stendel. (Picture: Tony Johnson)
George Moncur: Has been given greater clarity by new Barnsley manager Daniel Stendel. (Picture: Tony Johnson)

The 24-year-old was part of a Reds side who endured a chastening 2017-18 season which culminated in relegation to League One and copped a fair few brickbats along the way.

Moncur admits he is the first to acknowledge criticism among many fans about his perceived status as a flair player whose defensive credentials leave rather more to be desired – but has pledged to do something about it.

Moncur said: “That is the criticism I get. People say: ‘He has got a lot of quality, but cannot maybe last the game and is lazy off the ball.’ I have got to prove to them this year that I can do it and help the team.

“Of course, you are going to get people who are not happy with you if you are not doing so well and losing games.

“If I can improve that side of the game, it is going to make me a better player. So they are fair in their opinion and I agree with them and I need to sort it out. This is the season to do it.”

Moncur’s belief that he can turn into a well-rounded midfielder is fortified by his experiences thus far with new head coach Daniel Stendel, whose clarity of thought and emphasis on high-pressing, energy and team shape without the ball has resonated with him.

Having been provided with certainty in terms of the role he is expected to play next season, Moncur is confident that his game will progress.

Barnsley's George Moncur. (Picture: Tony Johnson)

“He (Stendel) has been really good. I know exactly what I need to do as a player. The team also know what they need to do to get results and performances,” added Moncur.

“There was a bit of confusion at the back end of last year. We (now) know exactly what we have to do to get a result.

“He has come in and made a really good impact.

“I feel he is going to improve me as a player because even in this short space of time, he has worked with me with my game off the ball, which is something I needed to improve on anyway.

“I really know what I have now got to do in terms of that.”