Bradford City v Burton Albion: Postponed

BRADFORD City have apologised to supporters of both clubs for the late postponement of their home game against Burton Albion on Saturday.

Referee Neil Swarbrick called the game off 90 minutes before the scheduled 3pm kick-off because he felt the frozen spine of the pitch was dangerous.

A club statement read: "The football club would like to apologise for such a late decision over the state of the pitch but staff at the Coral Windows Stadium wanted to give the pitch as long as possible to become playable.

"The condition of the pitch improved throughout the day but the referee unfortunately still decided it was too hard to play on and that it was unsafe for both sides.

No new date has been confirmed as yet."

Swarbrick consulted both managers, who couldn't agree whether the game should go ahead.

City manager Peter Taylor, whose team selection was badly affected by injuries to a number of key players, agreed with the decision to call the game off: "I think it was a great decision by the referee. Unfortunately it was one area of the pitch that was affected. Much of the playing area was fine, which made it difficult for the referee.

"He was worried about injuries. That is what he told Paul Peshisolido and me."

Burton manager Peshisolido, whose side have a big backlog of fixtures already was disappointed that the game could not have been given the go-ahead.

The former Sheffield United striker said: "I was not happy with the decision. I couldn't see anything wrong with the pitch. The referee said he had to think of the players' safety but no-one is going to look after their safety more than me. I have played on much worse surfaces in the past.Pitches are firm nowadays and I don't agree that this one was frozen.

"We were 30 minutes from the ground when we got the phone call saying the game was in doubt, which made it even more annoying."

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