The colourful world of Steve Evans....

Steve Evans was unveiled as Mansfield manager on Wednesday - and the Scot immediately pledged his 'life' to the Stags.

New Mansfield Town manager, Steve Evans.

Here, we take a look at some of the 54-year-old’s colourful outbursts.

After being appointed as the new manager at Field Mill

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“The fans will get everything. They’ll get Steve Evans’ life and if you go and ask Massimo Cellino, the owner of Leeds United, if you go and ask Tony Stewart, the owner of Rotherham, you can’t ask Bruce Winfield who is sadly no longer with us, the guy who led the revolution down at Crawley Town along with the Carter family, then they would say you get my life.”

Following Rotherham’s successful battle to stay in the Championship in April 2015 after a Millwall player said he hoped they would “bottle it”

“A Millwall player said we’ve not got bottle. I’ve got 12 bottles of pink finest Champagne and we’ll be drinking them for about a week. Look forward to League One, son, and keep your trap shut.”

On Leeds, a club he would later be appointed manager of in October 2015

“If you are a Dave Hockaday, Darko Milanic or whoever you are - if you take the job under owner Massimo (Cellino) you know the rules; he picks the players, you coach the players. My interest is the Millers and I pick the players, whether they come, whether they go and our chairman supports that. The minute he doesn’t support it, I go.”

After being named Leeds’ sixth head coach since Massimo Cellino took over the club in April 2014

“I’m humbled and honoured to manage this giant of a club. Someone has got to get it right here. Why not me? I have won a lot of football matches. If I fail I become a statistic but I will put my life into the Leeds job. I will move into the city and the fans will see me.”

Following his sacking by Leeds in May 2016

“My career will move on, but it’s been a great experience managing such a great club.”

On getting a present for Sir Alex Ferguson before his Crawley side faced Manchester United in an FA Cup tie at Old Trafford in February 2011.

“I’ve got a nice bottle of Rothschild red for him. It was expensive, so don’t tell my wife. It’s on the credit card. It’s a proper bottle.”

On modern technology

“I tried to phone a football contact, Nicky Hammond, the director of football at Reading and I ended up talking to my daughter, Nicole. I thought ‘it’s the iPhone’. I have just realised my fingers are too big for the iPhone.”