Festive Football: I would be at Millers if I wasn't working - Webb

Christmas is not all turkey and mince pies when it comes to football. In their own words, those involved with the game tell the Yorkshire Post's Richard Sutcliffe and Ian Appleyard how they will spend their festive break and the sacrifices they make.

Howard Webb, referee

You get used to the routine after 13 years in the professional game. It's part-and-parcel of my life as a referee.

Wherever possible, you are given a game that is within a one and a half hour driving distance on Boxing Day. I am at Bolton against West Brom which is do-able.

Even though I am not working on Christmas Day, I will still need to be fit to drive just in case I get a phone call from Bolton seeking a pitch inspection. I will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast but it looks like it is due to warm up.

A good thing about working in the Premier League is that the pitches are not normally a problem. However, if there is really heavy snow, it can overwhelm the undersoil heating systems. If there is a problem with icy conditions outside the stadium, I will be made aware but often won't need to travel.

We take the kids to the pantomime on Christmas Eve – but I will be doing some training in the morning. Nothing long or fatiguing, more agility and short sharp speed work. On Christmas Day, we have dinner with relatives and on Boxing Day my wife will visit her family while I am doing a game. I will collect my Dad (who gets a guest ticket for the game) and he drives us back which allows me to relax. My little lad would rather watch Rotherham United than me so he will go down to the Don Valley if there is a game.

On Tuesday the 28th, I am refereeing West Ham United against Everton. That's a 5.30pm kick-off and I have to meet the other officials at 1.30pm. If I can avoid an overnight stay I will because I don't like staying in hotels. But that will depend on the weather.

As a referee, you can't really relax and have a few drinks over Christmas but I am not complaining. Maybe after the game on Tuesday the 28th? On the 27th, I will be at the gym for a recovery session in the pool.

Referees don't work as hard as players but we do cover as much ground. On average I cover 12 km during a game, more than most midfielders.

Referees have the option to miss games but they have to give several weeks' notice. Personally, I feel the need to be out there among it at Christmas. Even if I wasn't a referee, I would be watching Rotherham United.