Following Tigers through thick and mainly thin finally pays off

THIS is it folks. This is why we did it.

This is why we went for all those years. Through all those dreams. And all those tears.

From those very first glimpses, at those very first games. For most of us, standing beside our dads, tousle haired and wide-eyed in awe, under the floodlights at Boothferry Park for the very first time.

This is why we went back again and again and again. Why Hull City became our religion.

This is why we took the abuse at school. The goading from pals who would deride our team. As they sang the praises of Man United and Liverpool and other clubs they would never, ever see.

Through the promise of those early 1980s. Why we danced and sang through two promotions. Why we revelled in the glory of Horton, Whitehurst, Edwards and Roberts.

This is why we never gave up the dream. Why we stuck it through the horrors of the 90s.

Why we stood in the Kempton and watched as our team hoofed its way towards oblivion. While the rust sprinkled down from the stands on to our heads. Why we screamed and shouted and wailed and cursed.

Relegation after relegation. This is why the coffin was paraded round the ground as we feared our club would die. Why tennis balls were hurled during David Lloyd's regime.

Why we never gave up hope, even when locked out of the ground. And when minutes away from extinction in the courts.

This is why we went to Mansfield. And Torquay. And Bury. And Macclesfield. From coach trips from Hull to Hell and Halifax the Good Lord delivered us.

This is why thousands kept the faith, through thick and mainly thin. Why we never lost belief, even nine points adrift at the bottom of the bottom division. As low as low gets, but still we went back for more.

This is why we roared our approval as Warren Joyce became the saviour, turning the team around, masterminding that Great Escape.

Why Adam Pearson was lauded as our hero. Why Peter Taylor saw what could be achieved. Why we moved to the KC.

And why manager Phil Brown and chairman Paul Duffen stand on the brink of steering this wonderful, but under-achieiving, club into the Promised Land at last.

Today is why it happened. Today is why we never stopped believing.

Because through it all we knew that this club, one day, would get there.

Today, at last, OUR time has come. Win or lose those thousands upon thousands of OUR fans will be in dreamland.

The Black and Amber Army grace Wembley for the very first time.

This is it folks. This is why we did it.