Football fashion: So who has the best Premier League strip?

A fashion blogger has named Swansea’s home kit as the worst Premier League strip of the new season, with Arsenal’s new shirt coming top of the pile.

Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (left) and Chelsea's Nemanja Matic battle for the ball during the FA Community Shield. But who has the better kit? (Picture: Nigel French/PA Wire)

Anna Williamson, of Style & Then Some, to cast her eye over all the home kits for the 2015/16 season and give each one a mark out of 10.

“Terrible colour choice”, “awful”, “a court jester” and “boring” were some of her more critical comments.

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However Williamson praised some of the kits as “classic”, “regal”, “a breath of fresh air” and “perfect”.

Swansea's kit has been chosen as the worst in the Premier League. (Picture: Nick Potts/PA Wire)

Take a look at what your team scored.

SWANSEA: Terrible colour choice, have they never seen a Persil ad? 0/10

WEST BROM: The front reminds me of tyre tracks and I think they have actually paired black with navy blue. Very poor West Brom. 1/10

NORWICH: I grew up near the twitch so perhaps I should show some loyalty, but this is awful. The collar, the colours, he looks like a court jester. 1/10

WEST HAM: An interesting combination of mauve and baby blue but isn’t this Aston Villa’s strip? They need to find their own colour palette. 2/10

BOURNEMOUTH: If Darth Vader were a football kit, it would be this. I have never been a Star Wars fan therefore. 2/10

LEICESTER: This is too blue for my liking and I don’t think they’ve made much effort to do anything different. Yawn. 3/10

WATFORD: This strip is making me cross eyed. A dizzying 3/10.

CHELSEA: I feel like I’ve seen that blue too many times. Boring. 5/10

NEWCASTLE: I love a stripe and a monochrome. The cut of the neckline is nice but the blue detailing - all wonga. 7/10

ASTON VILLA: Very classic Villa, the long sleeves should come in handy. 7/10

EVERTON: A good neckline and a strong blue channelling the nautical look. I also like the elephant. 8/10

LIVERPOOL: This is a great red, it would work on anyone. 8/10

SOUTHAMPTON: Nice. Simple. Classic. 8/10

SUNDERLAND: I like the colour scheme chosen here, the red works well. 8/10

TOTTENHAM: I love what he’s done with his hair matching with the wording on his shirt - bold fashion styling. The navy blue detail is also chic but not striking enough to be winning. 8/10

CRYSTAL PALACE: Some regal colouring here and the kit is also very well cut. 9/10

MAN CITY: Aaaahh a breath of fresh air! I like this, the colour is great and the cut is very pleasing. 9/10

MAN UTD: This is a very strong contender for first prize, if the red were nicer they would win. It’s not though. 9/10

STOKE: Red and white stripe is a great summer combination. This was a close favourite. They have also done well with the neckline, the small V is perfect. 9/10

ARSENAL: This is my winner. I like the buttoned neckline, it is different. The stripe round the bottom of the back of the shorts is also a nice detail. I am a Gunners girl but this has nothing to do with it. 10/10

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