This is how much every Championship club owes to the banks and its owners - and the total is almost £1billion

British football clubs owe more than £3.5billion to banks and owners, with almost a third of that figure falling on Championship clubs - according to a football financier.

British football clubs owe more than 3.5billion to banks and owners - according to a football financier.

Figures highlighted by Kieran Maguire, a lecturer in football finance at the University of Liverpool and editor of the Price of Football website, show how much each club owes to the bank and/or its owners. Some of the figures will include money put into clubs by owners with no expectation to get it back. Scroll and click through the pages to see how each Championship club ranks in order:

122.7 million

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112.8 million
102.1 million
95.5 million
75.5 million
63 million
59.3 million
58.4 million
56.1 million
50.1 million
38.1 million
33.4 million
30.8 million
25.1 million
22 million
21.9 million
18.5 million
9.3 million
6.5 million
3 million
1.9 million