Huddersfield Town manager Danny Cowley on building strong connections with clubs to boost his transfer plans

Danny Cowley.
Danny Cowley.
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HUDDERSFIELD TOWN manager Danny Cowley has promised Terriers supporters that he has been painstaking and scrupulous in his due diligence on prospective new signings.

Cowley is hopeful of doing several pieces of incoming business in the forthcoming January window, with his recruitment team having extensively vetted a number of prospective new signings both in terms of their technical abilities and characters.

Contacts have been forged with a number of clubs in the process.

Cowley, whose side start 2020 with a home game with Stoke City on New Year's Day, said: "We have met a number of players and agents and all of the clubs first and have got good relationships and built connections.

"We have tried to sell the football club as best as we can. We want people to see the best in Huddersfield Town and be part of this journey. This is very important to us.

"We know what this football club means to supporters and know what it feels like to be a supporter. For me, it was always Teletext - I am showing my age here - or a newspaper and I would always be looking who West Ham would be signing next.

"I was always disappointed....I remember when we sold Julian Dicks and I was broken-hearted. But then we got David Burrows and Mike Marsh in a swap deal.

"I couldn't say if I was happy or not; I was sad and happy. But these are the emotions that transfers create in football supporters, so we are aware of that.

"For us, we are working really hard. I don't think you can eliminate the risk, but you can minimise it by clarity and knowing exactly what you want and then doing the due diligence that you need to do on a player and person to make sure they are the best fit for the football club.

"We believe that recruitment is nine-tenths of the law, so we have to do a look of work."