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David Fryer, 47, a Huddersfield fan from Barwick-in-Elmet gives his half-term report.

Verdict: The good ship Huddersfield continues to sail through some fiscal turbulence! A change of manager has brought a change in mindset within the team and this appears to be paying off one week, then being our downfall the next. We are desperate to bring some new players in to support the existing squad, though this is going to take significant financial backing from Dean Hoyle and the rest of the board. I think we are all hoping that Mr Wagner can bring in a couple of ‘under the radar’ recruits from his native Germany.

Where this season has gone right/wrong: The departure of Chris Powell had to come and I think the majority are pleased with the arrival of David Wagner.

Best moment: A convincing home win against Bolton.

Lowest moment: Dominating Leeds for 45 minutes, only to concede two whilst I was queuing for a little half-time refreshment.

Best and worst opposition teams: Bristol City came and dominated a game that we were expected to win. Bolton Wanderers were woeful....we think we’ve got problems!

What needs to be done in the transfer window: We need a dominant, quick centre-half and a striker to lead the line up front. Mind, don’t we all!

Predicted finish: Safe, but ups and downs along the way.