Huddersfield Town hopeful that Phil Hodgkinson's takeover completion is 'coming to the final hurdle'

HUDDERSFIELD TOWN chief executive Julian Winter remains hopeful that formal completion of Phil Hodgkinson's takeover will move a step closer this week.

Julian Winter.

Chairman Dean Hoyle announced in early May that he had reached agreement with Hodgkinson to take a 75 per cent controlling stake in the club, with Hoyle retaining a 25 per cent shareholding.

The club are now awaiting confirmation from the English Football League regarding Hodgkinson satisfying the governing body's 'Fit and Proper Person Test, with Winter hopeful that the club are 'coming to the final hurdle.

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He said: "We are literally now in the hands of the EFL. We are still in the process and hopefully coming to the final hurdle.

"Dean (Hoyle) wanted to get the announcement out, and rightly so because it was great for him and his family to get the acknowledgement they did, but in technical terms we couldn’t and still can’t conclude the takeover until Huddersfield Town became an EFL Club.

"We became an EFL club formally last Friday at the AGM conference in Portugal. We are literally now in the hands of the EFL to finalise the fit and proper test.

“I’d hesitate to put a date on it, because we are in their hands to finalise it now. This week, hopefully, things accelerate.”

Ressuring supporters that decision-making has not been impacted while the club wait for confirmation regarding their new majority shareholder, Winter added: "Until Phil formerly takes control, then Dean is still in control, so we are still able to get along and make decisions.

"We are keeping Phil informed of things that are going on. He’s engaged in communication terms, but in formal terms Dean still owns it.

"Dean and Phil both understand that we have to get on with some things, so that’s what we are doing.”