Hull owners stay quiet over FA’s rejection

Hull City chairman Dr Assem Allam.
Hull City chairman Dr Assem Allam.
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FOLLOWING the Football Association’s rejection yesterday of the bid to re-brand Yorkshire’s sole Premier League representative as Hull Tigers, the Allam family have vowed to keep their own counsel until after Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final.

Instead, chairman Assem Allam and son Ehab want the focus to be on Hull booking a place in the May 17 final.

Captain Curtis Davies insists the saga has not distracted the players, while also admitting he can see both sides of the argument.

“I am a traditionalist in terms of the FA Cup and so are the fans in terms of the name,” he said. “But I agree with the chairman, the global market is massive for football.”

The rejection of the Hull Tigers re-branding – widely expected after it was last month revealed that the FA’s membership committee had recommended unanimously to veto the proposal – was carried by a 63.5 per cent vote of FA Council members at yesterday’s meeting.

While the decision will have come as little surprise, it is understood the Allams are considering the possibility of further legal action.

Davies added: “It doesn’t affect the players at all. I think any player who said it did would be lying and using it as an excuse. The name doesn’t matter to us.

“It is not like Cardiff City. They changed their whole brand from the Bluebirds to the Red Dragons. We are not doing that. The chairman just wants to change the name to our nickname. That’s why as a player I can’t really see the problem. But I do understand why some fans are upset.

“I am a Manchester United fan and if the Glazers had changed it to Manchester Yankees or the Manchester Red Sox, there would be uproar. But I understand why people do things for the global market. There is already a Manchester City. Hull City doesn’t stand out as much as Hull Tigers if you’re watching games in China and the Far East.

“It will give us more sponsorship potential out there.”