Tigers view - Gareth Richardson: Excitement building even if Cup does not have that same thrill

Hull City's Shane Long
Hull City's Shane Long
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I MUST admit to being something of a traditionalist when it comes to FA Cup semi-finals and wanting them to be played at neutral venues.

That is how it was when I was growing up and I wish it was the same now.

Can you imagine what Old Trafford would be like tomorrow if we were facing Sheffield United with a trip to Wembley at stake for the winners?

There would be 70,000 fans from Hull and Sheffield making their way to Manchester and the atmosphere would be brilliant.

Instead, both sets of fans have to traipse to north London on a Sunday and that takes some of the shine away for me. Still, we would have given anything to be in this position just a few years ago so let’s get on with it.

I am quite confident. The draw has been kind to us all the way through and the semi-finals are no different. After beating Sunderland in the last round, we watched the draw take place on the concourse at the KC.

There was no sound or anything like that on the concourse TV but everyone went mad when the number “4” came out as we knew it was Sheffield United.

No-one had wanted Arsenal or Manchester City, who we thought would beat Wigan in the game that was about to kick off but obviously they didn’t.

The excitement has been building all week long and I am sure it has been the same in Sheffield. It isn’t, though, anything like what I imagined City getting to a Cup semi-final would be like when I was a kid.

The Cup just doesn’t have that same thrill any more. Let’s be honest, most people will be more bothered about Liverpool v Manchester City earlier tomorrow than our game. I’ve already been planning where I can watch that before going to Wembley.

That feels strange, as this should be the biggest game I have ever been to. But, right now, it doesn’t feel like it.

prediction: 2-0 to City (heart), 2-0 City (head).